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Once, there was a laptop which had a rough life : lit up at dawn (!), it would work all day, and almost all night, with a lot of ssh and heat producing tasks. Not for helping it, that was in a warm country ... Later on, that same laptop would be carried all day-long in Paris' metropolitan trains for months.

As a result the screen suddenly turned, err, "half reversed-video".

Later again, I decided to give that laptop a second chance. I noticed that if I could use only the first half of the available brightness on the screen, I should manage to get a decent output from this half broken hardware. Googling for people using XF86VidModeSetGammaRamp function, I came to xbrightness, brought to us by Asher Blum.

I've tuned it a little bit in order to set both brightness and something like a gamma, and here it is

Short manual

  • use : xbrightness brightness [ gamma ]
  • parameters :
    • brightness : an integer between 0 (darkness) and 65535 (full-brightness).
    • gamma : a float value between 0.0 and 10.0 that is used as the exponent for the gamma ramp. default value is 1.0 (linear).




Asher Blum's original xbrightness page

updated  October 1st 2005 - Jean-Daniel Pauget Quand les plombs ptent : sjt.